Locations That Are Right For LED Lighting In Your Home

LED Bulbs

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When LED lighting fixtures first hit the market they required specialized bulbs that couldn’t be used in normal lamps. Today, you can get LED bulbs that work in just about any lighting fixture you have in your home. There are some locations and fixtures that are more appropriate, however.

Out of Reach Locations

Fixtures that are hard to reach or are rarely used may be the best for your first foray into LED usage at home. An LED bulb can last for up to 100,000 hours, making it unlikely that you will have to pull out a ladder to change bulbs on your vaulted ceiling again for a very long time. Additionally, if you are uncertain about how you will feel about the more direct lighting pattern resulting from an LED bulb, this is a good way to try it out.

Strip Lighting

Under-the-cabinet lights are very popular and regular incandescent bulbs can generate enough heat to warp cabinetry. LED bulbs generate nearly no heat and strip lighting using them is now available. Such pre-made strips are easy to install and last for years of constant use.

You can also get larger strips that are better suited to lighting display units and soffits.

Spot Lights

One of the things that LED bulbs do very well is to direct a light at a particular item. While they may not be ideal yet for diffuse lighting purposes, they really can’t be beat when it comes to spot lighting. Whether you opt for cans or directed fixtures, LED lighting options can accommodate your needs.

Outdoor Applications

Because LED bulbs light almost instantaneously they are ideal for outdoor applications that involve safety lighting. Available in a number of wireless models, LED motion sensor lights can be applied just about anywhere and they use standard batteries that only need to be changed about once a year.

You can also find motion sensor LED lights with solar panels. You might never need to change your outdoor bulbs again.

Clearly LED lighting has come a long way!


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