LED VS Induction Lighting for street lamps

LED VS Induction Lighting for street lamps

Controversy rages as cities start to change street lights to more energy efficient types. The city of Antioch recently replaced 8,700 bulbs with induction type lights at a cost of  $4.65 million or $534 per bulb. Many of the residents were not happy with the results, a member of the city council said they should turn on their  home outdoor lights to deter crime, thereby negating any energy savings, simply passing on the costs to the home owners.

Paul Burgarino writing in the Contra Costa Times says:”The city took on the project for the environmental and public safety benefits but mostly to save money. After repayment of a 10-year lease, the city expects to save $600,000 in energy and maintenance costs.

“The old system was never designed for the new lights,” said Lay, a resident who designed streetlight systems for a decade. Light-emitting diode, or LED lamps have better distribution, he said.

Those lights are more expensive and don’t last as long,  Paul Bernal, the public works official said.”

Who is correct? And what does the public prefer? A study commissioned by the US Department of Energy concludes that LED Lights are the better solution.

To read the government research paper click on the link below.

Demonstration Assessment  of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Roadway Lighting on Residential and Commercial Streets


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