Immigration in Canada

I just listened to the Canadian election “debate” where every party was for allowing more immigration into the country. I came across this debate that was held in Australia.

Tim writes a poignant comment about the debate: “It is much recommendated that you listen to this lively 50 minute debate from ABC radio in Melbourne about the virtues and vices of population growth in Australia. It was not an entirely impartial format, as Canadian listeners would appreciate after having been subjected to the CBC’s blatantly growthist and pro-immigration programming for the past several decades. But then again, ABC radio, just by staging this debate, has come a long way to meet public opinion, something Canadians have yet to see from our state broadcaster.
The debate began inauspiciously with moderator Jon Faines question “How do you make population growth sustainable”, an oxymoronic proposition from the start. ”

Click here to read the rest of Tim’s comments.

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