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Immigration and the Green Party

Again having listened to no debate on immigration into Canada I found this article that argues against it in Australia. Can we trust the Greens on Population? Authored by Michael Lardelli , 18 August 2010 The Australian Green Party … Continue reading

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Immigration in Canada

I just listened to the Canadian election “debate” where every party was for allowing more immigration into the country. I came across this debate that was held in Australia. Tim writes a poignant comment about the debate: “It is … Continue reading

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Deking in hockey

I love the guys from Here is an example of one of their great instruction videos.

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Mobile Credit Card Processing

credit card processing Now you can transform your IPhone or Smart Phone into a mobile credit card processing terminal – and begin accepting credit card payments wherever you or your employees may go. No matter what your work entails, whether it … Continue reading

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How Safe are British Columbia’s Grizzlies?

As April 1st approaches and spring time arrives, the bears of BC are emerging from their dens and hunter’s are gearing up for their annual trophy bear hunt. We recently came across a thoughtful article about the bear hunt in … Continue reading

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LED Lights – Advantages in the Commercial Setting

Using LED in home or commercial settings is becoming much more common. No matter what kind of business you are in the bottom line is, well, the bottom line. To that end, and because they are environmentally friendly as well, … Continue reading

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Secured Credit Cards

With the recession lingering and record numbers of people declaring bankruptcy, the subject of secured credit cards is topical. If you are in the unfortunate situation of rebuilding your credit after a bankruptcy or because of a poor credit rating … Continue reading

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