Chara and dirty hit on Pacioretty

If a player has the puck and is skating with his head down and gets hit, then that is his fault.

If a player does not have the puck and gets hit, it is not his fault, you do not expect to get hit when you do not have the puck. Pacioretty did not have the puck when he was hit by Zdeno Chara of the Boston Bruins. The puck was forty feet away from him when he was checked into a steel stanchion.  Pacioretty, a left-winger from New Canaan, Conn., who had established himself this season as a regular top-line player, suffered a severe concussion and a non-displaced fracture to the fourth cervical vertebra in his neck.

The score was 4 to nothing for The Montreal Canadiens at the time of the incident. The last time the teams played there were numerous fights in the game and there was bad blood between the two teams. Pacioretty and Chara had issues as Pacioretty had hid Chara from behind in a previous game.

Gary Bettman, commissioner of the NHL, called the injury to Pacioretty “horrific”, but said it’s part of the game. Any time you run a player into the boards or a steel stanchion when the player does not have the puck and is not prepared for a hit or expecting a hit it is a dirty play. This was the case on Tuesday night and the league was irresponsible  in not giving Chara a suspension.

The referree called a five minute interference call and a game misconduct on the play. That is the first time I have ever seen that call in my life.

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LED Lights To Beautify Your Landscaping

One great idea for home owners to consider is adding LED lights to the yard. This not only enhances the natural beauty of the gardens, it helps with safety and increases the security of your yard. Another huge benefit to using LED Lights for this situation is the enormous costs savings in energy due to LED’s renowned energy efficiency.
One of the characteristics of LED Bulbs is that they emit one colour so they are perfect if you want to use a variety of colours to extend your decorative choices. Other lights emit white light which is then given a particular color by the shading of the bulb, which is very inefficient as far as energy is considered.
Other ideas to consider are up-lighting to create a soft romantic feel to an area or
down-lighting when you wish to highlight an area for a dramatic effect.
You could also consider silhouette lighting and provide light behind an object such as a fountain and combine the silhouette lighting with a direct light in a different colour for a beautiful contrast
The only thing holding you back is your own imagination, so think of different colours washes and different effects and do not be held back by the energy costs to light your own personal Eden, as the lights light up for just pennies.
And remember LED lights are tough, there is no filament to burn out so they last up to thirty years. They come in various sizes, so you could use them in places that were impossible just a few years ago.
Spring is coming and now is a perfect time to spruce up your yard by adding LED Landscaping Lights.
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LED VS Induction Lighting for street lamps

LED VS Induction Lighting for street lamps

Controversy rages as cities start to change street lights to more energy efficient types. The city of Antioch recently replaced 8,700 bulbs with induction type lights at a cost of  $4.65 million or $534 per bulb. Many of the residents were not happy with the results, a member of the city council said they should turn on their  home outdoor lights to deter crime, thereby negating any energy savings, simply passing on the costs to the home owners.

Paul Burgarino writing in the Contra Costa Times says:”The city took on the project for the environmental and public safety benefits but mostly to save money. After repayment of a 10-year lease, the city expects to save $600,000 in energy and maintenance costs.

“The old system was never designed for the new lights,” said Lay, a resident who designed streetlight systems for a decade. Light-emitting diode, or LED lamps have better distribution, he said.

Those lights are more expensive and don’t last as long,  Paul Bernal, the public works official said.”

Who is correct? And what does the public prefer? A study commissioned by the US Department of Energy concludes that LED Lights are the better solution.

To read the government research paper click on the link below.

Demonstration Assessment  of Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Roadway Lighting on Residential and Commercial Streets Continue reading

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LED Lights and Luminous Efficacy

LED Bulbs

LED Lights

The United States Department of Energy had a recent article on Led Lights and Luminous Efficacy. The article’s emphasis is on how certain applications such as recessed lighting benefit from what the department of energy terms  ” Application Efficiency”

Here is the article:

“Luminous efficacy is an important indicator of energy efficiency, but it doesn’t tell the whole story, particularly with regard to directional light sources.

Due to the directional nature of their light emission, LEDs potentially have higher application efficiency than other light sources in certain lighting applications. Fluorescent and standard “bulb” shaped incandescent lamps emit light in all directions. Much of the light produced by the lamp is lost within the fixture, reabsorbed by the lamp, or escapes from the fixture in a direction that is not useful for the intended application. For many fixture types, including recessed downlights, troffers, and under-cabinet fixtures, it is not uncommon for 40-50% of the total light output of the lamp(s) to be lost before it exits the fixture.

LEDs emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers that can trap light, so well-designed fixtures, like an undercabinet light  can deliver light more efficiently to the intended location.


Application efficiency

While there is no standard definition of application efficiency, we use the term here to denote an important design consideration: that the desired illuminance level and lighting quality for a given application should be achieved with the lowest practicable energy input. Light source directionality and intensity may result in higher application efficiency even though luminous efficacy is lower relative to other light sources.”

To read the article on the gov site click here. Continue reading

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Locations That Are Right For LED Lighting In Your Home (via ledbulbsandlights)

LED Lights are great for certain situations and not so great in others. This article shows locations where Led bulbs clearly shine.

When LED lighting fixtures first hit the market they required specialized bulbs that couldn't be used in normal lamps. Today, you can get LED bulbs that work in just about any lighting fixture you have in your home. There are some locations and fixtures that are more appropriate, however. Out of Reach Locations Fixtures that are hard to reach or are rarely used may be the best for your first foray into LED usage at home. An LED bulb can last for … Read More

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